About Us.

Welcome to the Quadra team.

We’re a group of effective communications experts, dedicated to meeting your marketing challenges head-on.

Our goal is always to grow businesses with ingenuity and innovative thinking.

Who We Are.

Quadra Innovations offers integrated marketing solutions for travel and leisure sector businesses, leveraging our advertising, media consulting, events, promotions and publishing capabilities.

We encourage open, frank and fast-paced discussion with our clients to meet their marketing and communications challenges head-on.

Our goal is to grow your business and over-deliver on your objectives and expectations.

Why Quadra?

Quadra Innovations has enlisted a team of seasoned professionals who can deliver on your key objectives, seamlessly combining innovative thinking, creativity and common sense. We come from a variety of backgrounds with diverse experiences, but we all have one thing in common: the desire to meet your marketing challenges head-on and achieve measurable results.

Quadra Innovations has long-standing relationships with key market suppliers and our clients reap the benefits: exceptional quality, placement and price.

Keeping individual goals, brands and budgets top-of-mind, we develop scalable and customized programs designed specifically for each client that can be tailored to any size business.

Founding Partner

Michael Price

Michael Price - Partner

A 25-year veteran of the tourism sector, Michael has worked with travel professionals at all levels, in countries all over the world. He has guided businesses from the ground up--from negotiating, financing, and marketing for new builds, to increasing sales at established hotels. Born in London, England, Michael now lives in Toronto with his wife. Outside of the office, Michael likes to cook, sail, and of course, travel.

Email Michael: [email protected]